Rutherford Cavan Pump

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  • Padding on the insole is made of space-age technology, which helps lessen the impact of the dancer’s landing during dance routines.
  • Made from Rutherford Products brand, which in itself is a guarantee of superior quality, performance, and craftsmanship.
  • The round laces are very easy to pull up and tighten. One can adjust the laces to achieve the necessary support during performance.
  • The leather is very supple and stretchable. It’s recommended that dancers order a tighter fit for Cavan Pump because it stretches over time.
  • The Cavan Pump is the first pair of shoes that incorporates our split-sole technology, which provides better toe support when doing the arches.
The Cavan Pump is another product from Rutherford Products, one of the iconic names in the field of Irish Dance.
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