Gaynor Minden Pointe Box5 V3H3

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This shoe has a Box size of 5 for a square and wider toe and metatarsal area.

This shoe has a Sleek Vamp (V3) and a Sleek Heel (H3)

Please select the shoe Size and the Width and Shank Combination (example: W2S1 is a Width of 2 and a number 1 Shank which is an Extraflex(Medium/Hard))

Shanks: 1 Extraflex (Medium/Hard), 2 Supple (Medium), 5 Hard (Very Hard)

Please call our retail store at 801-564-4460 to order a 4 Featherflex (Flexible) or 7 Pianissimo (Very Fleible)

Not sure of your size? Let us fit you - call the store at 801-564-4460 for a professional pointe shoe fitting! (Walk Ins Welcome)

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