Bloch B Morph Pink Pointe Shoe

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Designed for serious students and professional dancers, B Morph was developed by Bloch in conjunction with elite dancers from around the world. The B Morph is the fastest pointe shoe in the world to be broken in. It is molded to perfection by the individual dancer by applying direct heat from a hair dryer to the parts of the shoe that the dancer wants to adjust.

The specialized paste becomes pliable once heated, allowing the dancer to work the shoes to their liking by bending with their hands or walking gently around the studio.

Once satisfied the dancer simply places the molded shoes into their fridge over night and the paste will set hard like a new pair of shoes, ready for use, tailored to the individual dancer’s needs. The shoes can also be placed in the fridge after any heavy sessions so that they return to as new condition, prolonging the life of the shoes.

Gone are the days of having to go through the pain of wearing your hard new shoes for days on end until they eventually soften to the dancers liking. The new B Morph will be perfectly suited to each individual dancers liking within one day.

The B Morph also comes with a new plastic insole that is virtually unbreakable, which provides additional support for the dancer.

Pointe Shoe by Bloch Inc.

Features TMT, allowing the dancer to mold the shoe to the contours of their feet. Wide platform helps to support and stabilize the ankle and enables the dancer to balance more easily 'en pointe'.

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